You Should Have Seen This Place Then

by David Thornbrugh

EVERYTHING used to be better.
This has always been true
and will never change.
Cro-magnon wall paintings
slapped deep inside the cave
not so good as the real bison leaping.
Nebuchadnezzar never sat as royal
a table as Grandfather Gilgamesh,
and he was a weak woodchip
off the mighty palm of the gods.
You should have seen Kathmandu
in the sixties when you could
bus overland from London
for twenty pounds
and just smelling the hash
pinned your retinas to beady dots.
Everywhere you go the scene
was better fresher freer more vibrant
before you got there.
Entropy holds its breath
until the Eskimos turn blue,
and there’s nothing you can do
to retighten the elastic
in your underwear.

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