Sonnet XXL: WHEN I've completed squats to build my thighs

by Marina Jane

WHEN I've completed squats to build my thighs,
And all alone beweep the cake I ate,
And on occasion listen to men's lies
Regarding if it looks like I've lost weight;
Wished for muscles more like sinew and rope,
Like those I've seen on weight lifters possessed;
Daydream'd of 'wakening with breath fresh as Scope,
Instead of with Twinkies on my breath.
Then my thoughts turn to strudel with icing.
Haply I picture desserts on my plate.
(Those in the glass case are most enticing)
Oh hurry! please! for mousse, I cannot wait!
My love of sweets such greatness forth doth bring,
That my next mattress must needs be a King.

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