War of the Green Markets

by Hector Poole

''Martian soil good enough for asparagus: NASA'' -- Yahoo! News

GREETINGS, Terran foodies, come we armed
not to war but to assault you taste buds,
not with Illudium Q-36 explosive devices
but with bright green spears picked just this morn!!
Guaranteed organic!!!

We recommend rinse in artesian Martian water,
then grill atop Sun-hot abandoned rovers,
or bake with Barsoomian cream sauce in turbinium oven.
Slice off any tough, white bottoms, discard.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Asparagus low in calories, no fat, no cholesterol.
We transmissions received of high Terran food prices.
At 100 quatloos per bunch, these are steal.
Resistance is futile -- all your palates are belong to us.

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