Jellyfish on My Poetry

by Ed Kornfeld

YOU put my poems in your purse
and planned to read them at the beach
My lovely little printed verse
Well within your lovely reach

But as the Sun glazed in the sky
You saw scyphozoans on the sand
What a scientific boon you thought!
And grabbed a bunch in your hand

Like a scientist with her samples,
You slid the jellies into your purse
And maybe you forgot -- or not --
Those jellyfish slimed up my verse

Now many great poets have pondered seas--
Lawrence obsesses about hot whales
And Masefield fevers for tall ships
But alas all my attempts... have been FAILS

Now I hate to say it but I must admit
When you put that sea life into your purse
And filled it with that pungent sea smell
Your slimy jell'fish improved my verse

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