Love Strikes Twice

by David Ochs

SEVERAL years ago
a woman dentist
married to her husband dentist
struck and killed him
with her vehicle
and claimed it was an accident
only she hit him twice
because he was
having an affair
and you can see
the etiology of the dentist couple
meeting in dental school, marrying
and making all that money
but dinner conversations
revolving around molars
and fillings and people's mouths
gets pretty sterile
and after a while their sex life
probably felt like their genitalia
was shot up with Novocain
so numb they couldn't feel a thing
and naturally the husband
had to screw someone
not associated with
the American Dental Association
however the thought of
having a stain on their
perfect pearly white smile world
not to mention losing
the doubt dentists income
was just too much
for the missus
who drilled her husband twice
with the car
and although
she got life
at least she
didn't get
the chair.

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