Love and Murder

by Eileen Budd

LOVE and murder, murder and love
They fit together like hand in glove
In the beginning love started out great
But then you discovered it turns into hate

Those quirks you once found so cute and endearing
Become little monsters whose heads are now rearing
The look that you cast with a gaze of your eyes
Used to say, ''T'adore'' now says ''I despise''

Pet names like ''Snookums,'' ''My Pookie,'' and ''Sweetie''
Are replaced with a snarl and a barked yell of ''Eat me''
Hands holding, cooing while walking and talking
Devolved into giving the finger and stalking

Once crazy with lust that made you insane
You're possessed now by demons, crying ''Kill!'' in refrain
Get rid of the bugger who's grating and cloying
Who's whining, complaining, and just plan annoying

Take hold of the dagger, the ax, or the gun
Try gold ole arsenic, and thy will be done
Consider a chainsaw or noose made of rope
A pillow put over the face brings new hope

An arrow, a hammer, or dare to be hipper
Be avant-garde: Test out the wood chipper
Whatever the weapon, just use it and then
You'll have your sweet freedom to find love again

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