Meeting Geena Davis

by Gregory Lawrence Stewart

''EXCUSE me.
Do you know
where Studio
14 is?
and I've got this big costume
fitting and blah blah blah my life story.
Could you point me
in the general direction?''

''Come along you
honey. I'm going
that way.
So are you
an actor?''

Slinky cat lady walking moving me along like we are both walking through molasses. My new real hair all silver not dyed.

''An actor?'' I answer. ''Hell,
I don't know. Bla blah blah
my life and all the rest!
It's not acting. Oh well
I love it. Know what I mean?''

''Yes, dear, I know exactly
what you mean.
And here we are at
Studio 14.''

''Hey,'' I say,
''wait a minute!
You're Geena

''That's right, dear. Now
go make
a beautiful movie.
can do it.''

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