Chinese Rocket Man

by Richard Cairo

''A Chinese astronaut on Saturday performed the nation's first-ever spacewalk.''--AP, September 27, 2008

''GROUND Control to Zhai Zhigang
Commencing countdown, engines on
Check ignition and may Mao's love be with you!
Say, Sam, Yee, Yut!''

''This is Zhai Zhigang to Ground Control.
Shenzhou 7 has left the module,
physically feel very good.
Greetings to all the people of the nation
and all the people of the world.''

''This is Ground Control to Zhai Zhigang
You have not made the fail
And the Western media wants to be sure
Your testicles have properly descended
And are indeed an adult male.''

''For here
Am I sitting in a nonwestern tin can
A capsule made in China
Where all the milk is bad
And I'm feeling very sad
Though I'm past 340 kilometers
I can see the Great Wall from here
And I think my starfighter knows the way to go
Tell the motherland I love her very much''

(We know!)

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