by Marina Jane

SOME houses are tall, while others are ranch-style.
Some houses are scary, while others make you smile.
They come in many colors; beige, gray, and teal.
If I could afford one, oh how I would squeal.
Some houses are awarded in a divorce,
And others are paid for with mortgage, of course.
On Extreme Home Makeover, Ty hands them out.
If he gave one to me, well, I wouldn't pout.
One with a jetted tub would be just bitchin'
And maybe a drive-through, instead of a kitchen,
A gas fireplace that lights in a jiffy,
And maybe a dual-flush loo in the biffy.
A hidden door leading to a library crawl-space;
They'd never wipe the smile from my face.
The perfect house would have a veggie garden;
To counteract those things which make arteries harden.
And now to sleep and dream perchance,
Of a white picket fence, and curtain valance.

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