Nylons on Fire

by Lover Dudley

Hotel rooms, lifts and hallways
Calves sweep floors like brooms
Do the men downstairs know
How you pose-down in their rooms?

Why in your society
Are legs so duly prized?
Men stalk you with cameras
Electronic beady eyes

Escalator climbing
Subway car sit crossed
Waiting for the light to change
Shoes get softly tossed

All the colors are the same, too
Tan, unless they're wet
Then of course dark brown seems black
What style did you get?

Office Lady bending
Salary man buys fries
So polite in email
He lasers out your eyes

I have your sisters bookmarked
Two hundred some odd sites
All of you in nylons
Left goes over right

Why is this so persistent?
This pant-stock game of yours?
I've not yet found the answer
But I'll be vacationing there in September

No, really.
I hope to find out.

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