Happier Holidays!

(Found poem, with lines taken from the December 2008 issue of The Oprah Magazine)

by Katharine Showalter

AS the saying goes you snooze, you lose,
and I really do, certainly when it comes
to our O bracelets, links in the great big human
chain moving from a mindset that values logic,
analysis, and cold, raise your hand if you've ever been
given a sparkly, the darling birdhouse that caught
their eye, it’s all about paying attention, pages
are filled with Oprah’s all-time favorite gifts, needless
to say, you can always spend more, an understated
bronze minaudière reveals a hint of bling, well-meaning
friends will often go to what feels like malicious
lengths, find some truth in what the other person
is saying, steer clear of all things flammable.
''i'm thinking of throwing a little party. no big thing, really''
would you like to know the secret to gorgeous party
makeup? a matte finish, a strong mouth,
3 skin tones, when you don't pay attention
to the pebbles, it's just a matter of time
if you have no interest in maintaining cordial relations,
for starters, give yourself a pat on the back
I want you to get back to work as fast as possible,
even if it's part time

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