Rock Hard Abs!

(Found poem, with lines taken from the March 2009 issue of Men's Fitness)

by Katharine Showalter

FIGHT fat. Hold a dumbbell in each hand.
In addition to your gorillalike appearance,
feed your body like Michael Phelps. Follow it
and your metabolism will skyrocket

Help your girl act maturely
It's perfectly fine to establish a no-girls zone,
as long as you explain why,
If the gym is your place to blow off
steam, kindly tell her how you feel
Expect your protein to be a bit more moist and tender

''My legs are hard to build so I have to go real heavy''
Set a timer for five minutes. Continue this week after week

Want to test your manliness?
You can stretch your front delts and pecs using a doorframe.
On the highway, save by using cruise control
Ownership can be a misnomer.

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