Mr. Happy and His Friends

To be sung to the tune of the Danish National Anthem as performed by Elvis Presley in King Creole.

by Daniel Thomas Moran

WHEN I was just a young lad
I played all kinds of silly games,
Not once imaging that my childhood
would soon go down in flames.
Sometimes great things will happen
after some other good thing ends,
Like when I met Mr. Happy
and he introduced his two best friends.

So the changes went from worse to bad
The years went on and I did too,
I lived through all the ups and downs
and I never had a clue.
That I might be slowly going
around that one-handed bend,
But the world became a special place
because of Mr. Happy and his friends.

Mr. Happy, Mr. Happy
He's always my best guy,
Lyin' 'round in bed all day
baldy head and one blind eye.
When he's got his friends in tow
we know we're going to jam,
Wherever they are takin' me
Will be right where I am.

So then the ladies started showin' up
And I'd show 'em all the stairs.
But I'd show 'em to the back door
if they tried to put on airs.
I know that what we had in mind
was always understood.
I'd give each one a promise
Mr. Happy would make it good.

So now I'm just an old guy
all my best days way behind me.
But I got me a special lady
who knows just where to find me.
I owe that gal an awful lot
but I'm gonna pay my debt.
Mr. Happy might be gettin' tired
But Mr. Happy ain't dead just yet.

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