Explaining Armageddon to My Wife

by John Grey

IT will be like any other day
except I'll bump into two
people on the street
that I haven't seen in years
and three or four family members
will call and I'll kiss you
on the cheek for no good reason.
It will be like the events
in a half dozen uneventful days
slapped together into the one day
although it will still seem uneventful.
I'll fall asleep before it happens
so I'll just be dreaming at the time
only, of course, it won't be a dream
and I'll wake up eventually although
I won't really be waking up
and in this not-waking-up state
I'll bump into one or two more of
the long lost people in my life
and a handful of family members
(different ones this time)
will call and I'll kiss you on the other
cheek but still for no good reason.
And then... boom!

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