Last Letter from Socks Clinton (1989-2009)

by Kat Wopat

DEAR Hillary and Bill,
My thanks for your thoughtful gift
It was late as usual
And showed your flair for thrift

I've no more need of catnip toys
You can set your Baptist guilt free
I long forgave you your choice
to punt me to the secretary

I chuckle about the old days
Perched high on Bill's broad shoulder
We owned the entire Beltway
But then your laps grew colder

I gave up days of chasing birds
To offer you counsel sans disdain
I even let you steal my words
Once saying that I felt your pain

Maybe I blew it, Bill,
Choosing sides the way I did
But that beret chick just made me ill
Her crouching there where I once hid

But I'm not here to reopen sores
Hillary, you know where I stood
When I last sprayed the Oval office floor
Then walked away for good

I long ago had had it
With your slick political biz
Tell Chelsea she is my favorite--
Depending on what ''is'' is.

You got the dog and that was fine
I traded armed petsitters for a yard
I kept your secrets —- until life nine --
But spent last weekend in the lap of Ken Starr

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