Paladin of the Lost Daylight Savings Hour

Acknowledgement to the works of Cordwainer Bird

by Xander Floss

WHO watches the watches? The clocks on the wall,
microwave, coffee maker, thermostat!
googly-eyed tail-wagging kitschy-ass cat!
alarm clock radio we got free at the mall!--

Each nonsatellited homebound ticking device
I must take time to make them time right
There goes another fine Saturday night. . .
Frankly not losing that hour'd be nice

This Puritan zeal we try to move toward
Early to rise and early to work--
Makes Jack a dull boy and his boss a real jerk
My internal diurnal cannot be sprung forward

With that lost hour oh what I would do!!
I'd write a novel! For sure, in quick time!
I'd write a poem, and then make it rhyme!
I'd go to Paris, Moscow, or the zoo!

But I guess what I'm saying is all really crap
If I got back that hour, I'd just take a nap

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