Poor Tim Geithner

by Kat Wopat

POOR Tim Geithner can't get a break
The Dow drops if his hands so much as shake
But it ain't all his fault for goodness sake
Poor misunderstood Tim Geithner

He's got that frothy hair atop his head
And looks like he wishes he’d stayed in bed
They hassled him less when he was at the Fed
Poor beleaguered Tim Geithner

Poor Tim Geithner had reason to sweat
When his unpaid taxes made Senators fret
And now they laugh at his toxic assets
Poor tense, agitated Tim Geithner

Poor Tim Geithner just wants more rules
So derivatives traders can't dig more pools
But junior GOPers call him a fool
Poor, much-maligned Tim Geithner

Poor Tim Geithner can't make a depression stop
Gabbin' 'bout credit default swaps
They'll string him up if the recovery flops
Poor poor martyred Tim Geithner

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