Don't Fool Mother Nature

by Albert Van Hoogmoed

THERE once was a time
I was omnipotent,
but now, some years later,
I'm just impotent.

I've heard about cures
from some books and TV
and thought some of them
might just do it for me.

Maybe some Rogaine
would bring back my hair
and make me look younger
and quite debonair.

I've heard of male hormones
from ads on TV.
''They help your libido,
just try 'em and see!''

Then there's Viagra,
that little blue pill.
If nothing else works,
it certainly will.

I went to the drug store
and bought all this stuff.
I used them together,
used more than enough.

Drug interactions
did strange things to me,
and caused some reactions
that just shouldn't be.

That hair-growing Rogaine
grew hair thick and black
all over my body,
especially my back.

Viagra did nothing
for my little friend,
but it made that back hair
stand straight up on end.

The hormones gave sex drive,
my outlook is great,
but due to the hair,
I just can't get a date.

Now I'm in a fix
and there's no antidote.
I'm back where I started
but look like a goat.

All of this trouble
is something I've earned.
Don't fool Mother Nature's
the lesson I've learned!

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