The Thing I Love

by Heather L. Green aka the Dark One

THE thing I love to do is get my teeth pulled
Ripping my wisdom's from my pink tissue
Having my mouth numb for hours fearing
I will bite my tongue off makes my day

Leaving the dentist's my face feels funny
Like it is going to fall right into the ground
At least I can lose a couple of pounds
Liquid food, ideal Hollywood diet

Waking up the next morning I attempt to yawn
Instead my stitches burst open, I cry with joy
Tears gush out like Niagara Falls on speed
So much pain I am euphorically blissful

I overdose on aspirin, tastes like candy
Drinking coffee I decide to go to the E.R.
My stomach is getting pumped and I am
Flying into the clouds from the morphine

Oblivious of the moment around me
Doctors, nurses all standing around me
Their smiling faces warms my core
I love getting my teeth yanked

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