(Found poem, with lines taken from the March 9-16, 2009, issue of New York)

by Katharine Showalter

OUR annual guide to the city's worthiest, Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed
computer genius Julia Stiles took her ideas to chancellor Joel Klein,
the Metropolitan Opera board collateralized
the giant Chagalls boxer-briefs

The salacious lowlights that sank Eliot Spitzer are about to be replayed
''Yeah, but the problem is my hamstring''
Then the long, thin arm of Vikram Pandit goes up like a flag of surrender
The gooiest desserts in the city
put your child to sleep for two hours

''I was just reading a rundown of what David Gregory did on his Twitter''
''I know superfandom went out with the restraining order. But I can't help it''
We tested dance parties and dive bars, a cross section of earnest young poet boys.
They fit off the rack, exactly like tailored designer lines

Governor Paterson attempts to rehire massive tax dodge. Is the recession
good for art? Not many people would argue
A master of the well-done undone hair,
he spoke in pungent aphorisms
happy hours and playgrounds, dog runs and exterminators.

What would you have to cut down on
to live within your means? Circle all that apply.
And for the next few seconds,
it looked like Barack Obama was choking back a laugh

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