Strange Days

(Found poem, with lines taken from the last printed issue of Starlog magazine, #374, April 2009)

by Katharine Showalter

A monster movie?
With science fiction and aliens?
This is crazy!

What happens when
saving the folks around you
becomes impossible
because time has run out?
Find out in the aptly named
When Time Ran Out . . .

The science fiction universe
sadly salutes
these fantastic talents--
''People love watching those things
because of their bad qualities.''

Anderson is now retired.
Regrets? Few. Unrealized ambitions? One.
''Well. I always liked the Flash Gordon character.''

On weekends,
Thor washes his thunderwear
Brendan Fraser is always ready
for greenscreen adventure.

A new Harris Poll shows
that more than a third of Americans
believe in UFOs, and a sizable number
also think witches and ghosts are real.
Just like you, Joshua Jackson is still
trying to figure out
the mysteries of Fringe
Dwayne Johnson is a realist.

They're remaking
John Carpenter's They Live.
But why?
Stephen Norrington had signed on to do
another take on The Crow,
Steven Seagal as an ex-military vigilante
in his first horror flick

Not surprisingly, the cast has been signed on
for a sequel.
''Yeah!'' Zack Snyder laughs.
''And I won’t be around if there is one!''

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