My First 100 Days of Unemployment

by Hector Poole

100 already? Near a third of the year now behind
and what accomplishments I can number,
like the complete reorganization of my shampoo and conditioner

My health care system's revamped -- now I've none
and I continue waging two wars, one with a neighboring bongoist,
the other with the bageler whose Dijon has me gravely concerned

I am sobered by the slow change in my girlfriend's attitude,
finding her increasingly at odds with my career ideals
still, I haven't seen the huge spikes I was seeing for a time

I am humbled by the extraordinarily powerful allure of my couch,
where I can watch a broad tapestry of American life
Yet I am sobered by the slow change in my own existence

Like I can't just press a button and suddenly have my dad
pay my rent again or my girlfriend bring over some takeout.
Or turn on a switch and suddenly everything falls in line.

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