Sick as a Pig

by Daniel Thomas Moran

I'VE got a dog that will not bite,
And two cats that cannot howl.
I've a horse who is always on the hoof,
And hootless foolish owl.
I've got a fish that likes to sleep,
And a bluebird that's unhappy too.
But my oh my what will I do,
With a pig that's got the flu.

I have a rooster who only crows at dusk,
And some pigeons who refuse to carry.
A bullfrog who only croaked one time,
A pair of lovebirds who refuse to marry.
But how many times can I hear him ATCHOO?
This pig of mine that's got the flu.

I have brought him bottles of aspirin pills,
I've made him great vats of soup.
I've nursed him through his piggy ills,
When he had the runs and then the croup.
When he's feeling better I'm thinking bacon,
And a mess of sausage too.
For now I'll just have to suffer along,
With the pig that's got the flu.

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