On the Street

by Lover Dudley

MY favorite time of day for you is morning
To look
I save my other thoughts for night

Air is so fresh early when I see you
So clean
I'll first check your blades, heels and hair, then waist and arms

Some other girls have told me to say hi to you
They say
You might like to say hi back but I know you don't, or do I?

You know why I'm not saying anything to you
You know
I am objectifying every portion of your body. Do you know it?

Until God allows me to unscrew your skull to see what
Ticks inside
What else can I do but determine your physical worth?

I didn't make you look this way, after all, so don't blame me
For things
Like the skin on your ankle rippling when you step or the

Five strands of hair caught in static embrace by your
Bra strap
White, against skin so golden that if split, it seems it will spill
        nectar and not blood

I can't help who you are or what I am or what I want with you
You're pretty
And I'm pretty sick, but I'm not a bad guy, just visually oriented
        as I walk to the office.

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