The Call from on High for Ed McMahon

by Mal Torme

HI-ooooo! Hahw hahw
Hi-ooooo! Hahw

Hi-ooooo! Hahw hahw
Hi-ooooo! Hahw

Millionaires, Clearinghouse
Ed McMahon is inna house

Star Search, Johnny, Bloopers, Jokes
Rosengarten! Jerry’s Tote’s

Lost those millions, cleared him out
Ed McMahon, you lost your house!

Now you're here—hey, what's that racket?
Gobel, Bob Hope, Buddy Hackett

Tommy Newsome, Alan King
Part the crowd, here comes the King!

Johnny wrapped in Carnac robes
Sis! Boom! Bah! A sheep explodes!

''Ed McMahon,'' now that's the clue
''Ed McMahon'' repeat from you

Johnny looks back with a frown
''Hahw! Hahw!'' at our favorite clown

''Forget the critics and belittlers,
You were the Heifetz of second fiddlers''

Clear a path, Ed's comin' through
A just reward — now that's your cue!

Our man Ed is on the scene
Jesus, who's next: Shecky Greene!?

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