I Gotta Tell Ya Somethin

by Caustic Casey

I GOTTA tell ya somethin. i got this really cool bird feeder about the size of a garden slate, and it has a tray so the birds can land on the edge and peck away like a first date gone awry. so i was watchin' it this mornin' after my third beer and noticed there is only room for three (or maybe four, if they get the weight differential just so) — but there were birds on the ground flittin' about underneath. They seemed sad as shit. And then, choking on the foam of that antirrhinum-like brew, one bird on the slate began to flick seed out of the tray and onto the ground with its tiny beak — so the grounded birdies might have some seed, too. When you get a chance, watch how a human being eats at public functions and think of the birds. As for me, i went back to bed. It was early, after all …

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