Oh, To Be a Governor!

by Kat Wopat

WHO slips off to Argentina unnoticed?
I can't even go the john alone
Mommy! Is my Barbie in there with you?
When will you answer that phone?

I can't go to Buenos Aires
To explore a love that's grown
If only I ran a whole state
Maybe I'd get some time on my own

That Blago, he gets to jog
And Sarah she loves to shop
Perry talks about secedin'
While Ahnuld re-plays Kindergarten Cop

Oh to be a governor,
A life that's fancy-free!
A State House that's your own playhouse
How can I get the People to send me?

Pass some laws, blah blah blah blah
I can do that too
Let's start with one that gives the governor
A private masseuse and a deadbolt loo

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