Gay Pride always Begins in the South End

by Daniel Thomas Moran

TODAY, men are arising,
many new friends to be made,
Let’s get out and march
in The Gay Pride Parade.

Throw open the closets,
put on your best,
We’ll act just like those ladies,
we all detest.
From Tremont and Union
up to Beacon Hill,
Up and up like Jack and Jill.

Way back when, the cops
pronounced our love was a crime,
Now we'll all help them
earn some overtime.
Wear something your mother
might consider revealing,
That even straight men might
find furtively appealing.
Just imagine all these
great strides we’ve made.
Now, there is even this
Gay Pride Parade.

The Archbishop curses us
For how much we've strayed.
It's not how we've made us,
It's just how we're made.
We're still not certain why
they're still afraid.
When it's over
we will all get laid.
Today's The Boston
Gay Pride Parade.

But prepare yourselves,
though the chance is remote,
The Lesbians might show up
with some tacky float.

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