Thank You for Your Gift to Mizzou

(Found poem, with lines taken from Mizzou, the magazine of the University of Missouri Alumni Association, Summer 2009)

by Katharine Showalter

MUSICAL cacophony enlivens campus in June and July.
But Mizzou has not been waiting for the dust to clear.
Horses, with the possible exception of Mr. Ed,
are less forthcoming

The pockets of our white coats
stuffed with reference books and cheat sheets
In these modern times, people find traditional skills
hardly essential.

Now students learn hydrology lessons
using computer-enhanced equipment
on a rolling, well-traveled English professor
an extension of those sights and sensations
his ability on the fiddle remarkable as well

But Missouri's future just got brighter
The change prompted a community of crafty citizens
to take matters into their own hands
shoring up Missouri's wobbly economy,
another bright spot in the Show-Me State

The basketball Tigers arrived at Mizzou Arena
aboard a shimmering tour bus,
it may as well have been a bandwagon
but it's also a personal journey.
Missouri will hold fast till the tide turns again

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