Schtupping the Chupacabra

For Raul Chuletas

by Jessica L. Kleinman

HOP me first-class, red-eyed over the island
To your cueva, lit by the phosphorescent sea
I hope you've stocked up on In Style

Let us order in from the La Parguera
Spill plastic cups of piña coladas on each other
Until your fur is sticky, sweet, and 45 proof

Let me kiss, one by one, your unmanicured pincers
With which you cling lethally to goats' necks
And to my ceiling whenever I vacuum

Hop here, hop here, and let me
Make your quills point toward the sky
Till you hiss and screech your denouement

Tonight I will be your livestock
And you my vampire alien Latin lover
Me sacrificial lamb, you exotic other

A plain J, I've hopped in my time
A swim in a loch here, a subarctic toss there
Yet I remain untamed and uncaptured

A crypto-beast myself, a feral female
A fleeting figure in a grainy home movie
Narrated by Leonard Nimoy

How my story could play on cable
How my caricature could bedazzle a tee
Ay world! -- Ay, just shut up and bite me, querido

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