Meeting People

(from Learning Annex Love, Master Notes)

by Paul Ling

STAR of white-hot cable TV
Explains firsthand
How to how to Putty in Your Hands
Do you wonder if you're Really satisfying?

You'll get Hot, Safe
proven rock-solid
Answers to your Most Intimate Questions
About Image-Filled Society
How to Introduce the latest Sex Toys
To your Lover
Hello, Lover.

Do you wish You could find
The Words and Phrases
Basic Building Blocks of a
The first time or
All Over Again!

Get in touch with
Using common Household Items
To enhance Common Pitfalls
Become 8 ''Innocent'' Gestures!

Much much
Oral Sex Techniques and Positions
There will be no Nudity or live models
This is a Golden Opportunity.

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