Snorkeling in the Tub

by Albert Van Hoogmoed

ALL of us can't scuba dive
Cancun or Cozumel,
but I have found another way
that's working just as well.

There's no sharks or eels to fear,
no barracuda teeth.
You won't ever get the bends
from diving underneath.

All you do is fill the tub,
reach in and pull the plug,
and jump on in, but not too fast,
or else you'll soak the rug.

Just escape the wife and kids,
the sorrow and the pain.
Spend a bit of time below
by breathing through the drain.

Water seals the noises out
and you won't hear a thing.
Just relax and close your eyes.
Escape from everything.

Pretend you're there to scuba dive
at some exotic club
in Cancun or Cozumel
by snorkeling in the tub!

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