The Governors

by Graham Everett

PUT me in a room with a bevy
of young beauties, they expect me
to act proper and nice like in a dream
in this real life, so I behave myself

One young nymph wants me to help her
be sane and well loved by those she wants
to love her, and I do what I can. . .

Oh, she with well kept eyes like secrets
fancies herself a painter. She believes
she is Van Gogh reincarnated
out to get Gaugin -- we're one with each
other on one of those smaller islands
ringing Bora Bora, I'm signing for drinks and food
she's holding up two brightly colored umbrellas
dancing tiptoe, naked across the lagoon
light as air and just as clear

and the governors you know they can't touch us
oh no the governors don’t even want to see us

They don't care too much for us, they don't want
anyone to even know about us

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