Chefs Go Cheap

(Found poem, with lines taken from the last printed issue of Gourmet magazine, October 2009)

by Katharine Showalter

To say Chef Ripert is buttery, briny
is an understatement
Desperate sampling led to swooning
The result? I don't know exactly
But it will be anything convivial

Our first foray into molecular gastronomy
Spectacular meat and very little else
nary a falafel in sight

No one from Gourmet was calling me
Was I really in small-town New England?
It's a sixty-forty beef-pork mix
The place crammed with locals
baked in pastry with pistachios
I'm struck by how many of them
had highfalutin French names

I said I wasn't a southern chef
Freshly hunted blue-winged teal
Bunsen Honeydew eyeglasses
pierce in several places with a fork

So much of this food is very forgiving
when we're three cocktails in
I think it's fine chef but you should taste it
Insert a wooden stick halfway

The tiny bowl of salt
went out to the waiting diners

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