An Obsessive-Compulsive's Christmas Tree Decorating Guide

by Eileen Budd

DRAPE garland,
every five branches.
One inch of tree must extend from end of garland
to tip of branch.

Weave lights above and under every third branch,
starting from bottom and working up,
moving clockwise.

Unwrap ornament,
smooth white tissue paper
and fold into neat square before placing back in box.

Strategically place ornament
between garland and light.
(Do not place red next to red,
blue next to blue, etc.)

Repeat 50 times.

Place symmetrical star on top of tree,
and align right point with corner of the room.

Fold flaps of empty box,
and store away on top shelf of hall closet.
Slide box to far wall making sure ''Christmas Decorations''
is centered in print.

Pick up stray tinsel shed from garland,
and throw in garbage.

Go to bed.
Get up.
Go to tree.

Stand back.

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