A Recent Study

(Found poem with lines taken from Psychology Today magazine, December 2009)

by Katharine Showalter

HUMANS are grabby self-involved jerks, some tastier
and less watery than others, the mere presence of money
pushes people past moral limits at different stages,
celebrities as narcissists, evening people smarter
than morning people, lonely people less likely
to seek out interactions, making them lie, cheat, steal

through vampire romances, woman can plumb
labyrinthine depths of male psyche, making right turns
on delivery routes, this may come from a fear of partners
who idealize episodes of sexsomnia because they don't.
the fate of normality is very much in the balance
in some ways it's a waste

imagine you put on electric green-eye shadow
not recognizing when somebody needs comforting
instead of your usual beige. positivity-oriented
psychologists find that maintaining a favorable balance
could handicap social bonding, this is not healthy
the drug that lets you say goodbye to your shrink

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