Do You Have a Kindle

by Gregory Lawrence Stewart

Do you have a Kindle,
the big one or the little one,
is it worth the price,
what's the purpose
of having a reading light
that goes along with it,
do you have to sign a contract,
why doesn't it have color pics,
does it make you an . . . y smarter
than you already were in the first place,
does the ''Let kindle read to you'' voice
sound like a robot,
don't they pass those things out for free
to people in your editor's position,
if a big one falls off a truck
can you send it to me,
does it take pictures of you
while you're reading on it,
do people point at you and say,
''Oh there's an eco-friendly person.
Let's go be his friend.''

Oh also, have you seen ''In the Heights?''

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