Nancy Grace

CNN and S&M

by Albert Van Hoogmoed

I like watching Nancy.
I turn off the sound.
I look in her eyes,
and my heart starts to pound.

It feels like she's fuming
and glaring at me,
a blond dominatrix,
right there on TV!

She makes me feel guilty,
so dirty and cheap,
like she knows the secrets
that I try to keep.

Whatever she's saying,
she lays on thick,
and gives me that look
like I’m making her sick!

I need to be punished
so mercilessly,
and I've got no doubt
she would do that for me.

I'll be her bad boy.
I'll do what I must,
to earn all her anger,
contempt and disgust.

She'll give me a spanking
because I've been bad,
much worse than the worst
that I got from my dad.

So each night at seven,
it's Nancy and me,
with beer and some Cheetos
and my fantasy.

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