Banging the Muse

by Graham Everett

SHE sits telling me about flying around the world,
                    "Twice this summer!"
I watch for chinks in her armor, see a softer sharing side
that I know would probably never include me

I’d been there, heard that lilt in the throat every day
the past three & a quarter decades -- good things come in twos
"Bad things come in threes & sixes!" she declares, smiling

Outside the window the sky appears to clear blue
& the sun pours in putting its shine upon the room
She keeps talking, saying little, then re-engages

No smokes this time: "The whole world's given them cigs up!"
Her words all bubbly in a wall of water softly falling
& she does enjoy telling stories, promising to share

plans for the next tryst, "Really darling, aren't we getting so bold!"
She sure does make me happy -- whatever she says I write down

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