Yummy Yummy Coco Puffs

Found Love Poem for Conan O'Brien Taken from Recent Tweets about Conan

by Katharine Showalter

I FAVORITED a YouTube video
Conan O'Brien says goodbye
 "If you work really, really hard," NBC sucks!
I agree.

dream last night:
in a ny restaurant watching
Conan eat lunch at the table next to mine.

 47% Of Marketers Surveyed Think
"Amazing things will happen to you."
Neither Jay nor Conan
had any women writers.

Now enjoying Conan the Barabrian
w/ my beautiful wife.
I love snow days!
NBC Should Have Kept Conan Over Leno
In memory of Conan, the Walker Texas Ranger iPhone App
Check it out for free

Finally watching the #Conan finale on dvr.
 47% Of Marketers Surveyed Think
What is this, 1955?
Finally watched Conan's last Tonight Show.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, prophet of body armor
Too bad Coco, I'm crying for you anyway.

buying a coco shot glass....its on sale :(
im going to dedicate every drink
to the amazingness that is conan obrien
e stasera si riprova L'Era di Conan...
stavolta partita a 4!!! CROM!!!!

Had one screwed up dream last night
involving Conan, cosplayers, celebrities,
conventions, karaoke,
and delicious pizza for lunch
check out this Conan O'Brien portrait
made of entirely of cheetos

Late night wars is pretty much over.
conan got 45 million and he's free.
jay gets the tonight show.
letterman makes fun of all.
 47% Of Marketers Surveyed Think

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