SIGMUND zen Shen and I don’t care
he claims I think him zen
'cause he's Chinese
but my Chinese-Dominican friends
would never be confused
with droplets swimming in ponds
whatever their actual ancestries,
all Asians being chino in Dominican.
Sigmund zen Shen and I don't care
he insists on asking on the way to Žižek
when I am going back home
to visit the Dominican.
I say, I can expect that kind of shit
if you were white.
He just laughs
as he finally admits
I’m sometimes right.
Sigmund zen Shen and I don't care
he baffles my expectation of real New Yorkers.
Born and raised and still chill
after all these years. Queer,
he has a hardassed edge like a lotus thorn,
(again with the Asian imagery!)
he can yo yo yo while kvetching with the best,
even scopes all the hot mamis' rumps
while always looking ahead.

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