Tiger in the Woodshed

by Rick Blum

TIGER, TIGER burning bright
You drive the ball with all your might
Which lands upon the green so far
Making you feel an entitled star
Tiger, Tiger, glowing green
Your crafted image squeaky clean
Every move designed to mislead
Down to marrying a model Swede
Tiger, Tiger sizzling red
Crass desires overruled your head
With so much cash in your boodle
Too many hussies you did canoodle
Tiger, Tiger feeling blue
Too much texting caught up with you
How you reacted still confounds
Your last drive was way out of bounds
Tiger, Tiger turning yellow
Taking no questions from media fellows
Instead you droned an apology drab
Then headed back to sex rehab
Tiger, Tiger burning bright
The PGA craves your marketing might
Take time to cure your wicked yen
Then hit the links, and thrill us again

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