Ode to a Hipster Girl I Saw on the Train

by Steve Blackburn

I SEE YOU on the train in your dirty jeans
I see you reading a book I don't know what it means
I have a nice place I try to keep it clean
won't you come over

Hipster Girl, Hipster Girl
I wish I could play guitar
or at least sing
I would play guitar way out far
then drive you home in my car
or the van that belonged to the band
or you could drive your car
if you wanted

I love the way your jeans sag
I know working at your job is a drag
unless you're really career oriented, which is cool
I want you to know you are my bag--
a cool creative, non-yuppie one, I mean

My little hipster, little one
old lady glasses like a librarian
I hope you stopped being a lesbian
in college
Your soul is like the way David Byrne sung
Hipster Girl, Hipster Girl
I heart you ironic

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