At the Roxy

by Gary Lehmann

EVERY CITY IN THE WORLD has at least one museum dedicated to the best of art,
MOBA is the only museum dedicated entirely to collecting and showing the worst.
The Museum of Bad Art in suburban Boston celebrates the enthusiastic work
of artists with limited talent, abysmal judgment, and little sense of color balance.
It’s a sort of touchstone or foil for every other art museum in the world.
We're here to celebrate the right to fail, explains the permanent interim director.
The collection is hung in the basement outside the door to the Men's Room.
The smell adds a certain something which is not inconsistent with the art.
The MOBA has a firm policy of not paying more than $6.50 for a new acquisition,
though noteworthy exceptions have been made for particularly squalid attempts.
One painting in the permanent collection has a big knife slash through it.
We like to think this represents a moment of epiphany on the part of the artist.
We are more or less forced to rotate our exhibits,
he explains apologetically.
Take a look around. The public can only stand so much.

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