Tea Party in Drag

by Kat Wopat

I GOT A RALLY this weekend
My wife's proud that I'll go
Sweet Glenn Beck in leather--
The Tea Party’s just a cover for us 'mos!

That bus you see on TV
It's our silver closet on wheels
Don't mind the wives who tag along
Talkin' Palin, Deal-a-Meals

Protect my land! Don't touch my guns!
Keep my America free!
Oh, that gun, you say? Well, shush your mouth:
You conceal, I'll carry

Boys and men in three-cornered hats
Sweaty, mad, and in a lather
Yellin' about Obama
But lusting for the party after

Back at the Hampton Inn
I put on my best Pelosi dress
And I'll call up "James Madison"
To come make me feel oppressed

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