The Ballad of Cardinal Bernard Law

by Daniel Thomas Moran

THE CLERGY had never seen before,
The likes of Cardinal Bernard Law.
Who got his red robes all in a ruffle,
From dancing the pederasty shuffle.

Who informed the pastors he employs,
To dispatch those whining little boys.
And for the priests who loved their vice,
He’d send them someplace safe and nice.

Where neither man nor woman had the idea
They had a single thing to fear.
Doubt the Pope's incapable of misdeed?,
He'll just add it to The Apostles Creed.

The flood of misery had come in tiny drops.
Until . . . Beat it! Someone's called the cops!
His Holiness caused but a small commotion,
When he surprised Law with a nice promotion.

Hidden far from justice behind the Vatican wall,
The Archbishop made a long distance call.
This disease really does not need a cure,
From intentions that were only pure,

Of this, my flock, you can be sure.
No one shall ever be above the Law.

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