Sick Refrigerator

by Jekwu Anyaegbuna

OUR FAMILY PROPHET is casting the devil off our refrigerator.
The fridge has been sick, possessed by a marine spirit and
Has been crying in sizzle and urinating through the bottom.
The water spills on the floor with the confidence of a king,
Slithering like a leaf that falls on a sloppy land,
Scribbling curvy paths of dirtiness on the floor.
"Jah Jehovah Jireh! Fridge, be healed in your blood and bones," Prophet shouts.
He's commandeering the marine spirit to disappear into the seas.
But it seems the prayer is misdirected and weak because
The compressor just refuses to stir, to vibrate.
"It’s a special devil that attacks fridges," Prophet screams. "Jah Jehovah!"
He really knows the prayer is impotent and cures nothing.
"Typhoid fever has also bedevilled this fridge, Jah, Jehovah!"
The white giant fridge is as hot as embers from a steel furnace.
"The evil thing lives inside the compressor, Jah Jehovah!"
He opens the fridge; stench of rotten meat kills the air.
"The devil even makes the fridge electrocute, Jah Jehovah!"
He is inching towards the door now, gradually.
Prophet promises to involve other powerful Prophets as he departs.
But we are considering contacting technicians instead.

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