Crossing the Door to Ghost Land

by Jekwu Anyaegbuna

RUN THE WIND clockwise
And get the key to unlock me.
Say you want to rest inside me.
Say you want to be smooth and quick.
Follow the rules of ancestors
And have the door open swiftly.
These are the rules:
Do not knock,
The door abhors knocking.
Do not push.
The door abhors pushing.
Do not shout.
The door abhors shouting.
Haven't you got the key?
Run the wind counter-clockwise now.
Run it! Run it! Run it!
Has the key appeared now?
Are your eyes open?
Shut them now.
The door abhors open eyes.
You enter blind and exit blind, if ever.
Are you facing the door?
Turn your back to it.
The door hates human face.
You enter with your back.
You exit with your back.
Do you have clothes on?
Little wonder the key hasn't appeared yet!
Strip yourself naked.
The door hates clothes.
Ancestors are inside.
And they are naked.
Is there hair on your head?
And beards on your jaw?
Hair and beards are clothes
In the eyes of the dead.
Don't you know?
Go and shave them.
And come back again.
The key may appear then
To unlock the door,
To see your dead wife.

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