Taking Chickens to the Doctor

by Sam Hamod

(A woman running for senator in Nevada has said people should take a chicken to the doctor to pay their bill)

A long time ago, when
The doctor lived down the block, or
Maybe on the other side of town, but
You knew him, and he knew you
Ever since you were a kid, then
Your old man or mom would go out
In the yard, grab a chicken,
Put it in a bag, and tell you,
"Now, git right over there, give him
The chicken and tell him you gotta sore throat,"
And off you'd go, chicken squawking in the bag,
Your throat hurting, chicken clucking and flapping,
All the way to his office, and when you came in,
The nurse would take the bag, put it with the pies,
Cakes, cookies, leg of lamb, ham and maybe some eggs,
And you’d sit and wait, patiently
To see the doctor, hoping the chicken
Wouldn't suffocate in that bag, and wait
And wait for the doctor,
Hoping he’d say, "Son, you have to stay home
From school tomorrow, bad throat, and here are some
Cherry cough drops, you suck on these, and
In a few days you'll be fine, and if not,
Come back and see me."

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