Approaching the Hill before Tumbling Over

by Bing Qi Lin

AMONG THE DUE BILLS, an open bottle stands
purple joy towering above white boredom

Away at her Auntie's, my love said I do nothing
I pour a glass for myself to toast Auntie

Suddenly I stroll the aisles of the liquor store
The pretty cashier's alabaster skin glows

Many wandering paths shimmer before me
one toward more wine and some other way

How the park grass rises and falls, the Sun
follows like a loyal friend or a police officer

From my paper bag, I toast the star
the warming star I have circled 12,000 times

I hear the screams of far-off children
From here, I can see their noses run

At sunset, I lie on the hard bench
Thinking of the cashier's alabaster skin

My wine is gone and I must rest
from all the lovely nothing I have done today.

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